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What to Hear When You Want to See the World

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

There’s something about the morning commute—the way it disguises itself as travel – that demands a real departure. Sure, distance is covered, but there’s so much sameness: same sounds, same faces, same silly attempt to power nap while the dude across from you drinks in your thighs, that you must periodically go deep inside yourself and shut the door.

Some mornings, a change of aural scenery is in order.

Sure, I have my old New York standbys, the kind of music that gets me up a flight of stairs or through a late night subway transfer, but I’m talking about travel music written and performed by fellow travelers. Some people would argue that all music transports you if you let it, but I must humbly disagree. Only real wanderers can write the sorta stuff that takes you out of yourself and plunks you down on foreign soil. I love to listen to the sounds of another place, but even more, I love to listen to people sing about leaving. I’m talking about process, people. That’s the shit that gets me to the office on frigid March mornings.

In honor of farewells, I present my top five audio departures (in video). Tell me, what powers your departures?