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Off the Radar on a Bike

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I’ll admit, I am coming to the bike thing late. Most of the supercool people I know have long been tooling around the city on two wheels, referring to the pastime as “cycling” and generally seeing the city in all sorts of tiny-footprint ways. So, I realize this announcement will be just like when I finally got a cell phone and sent everyone an email saying “hey, these things totally work”.┬áStill, I finally have a bike!

Too bad it's not a Penny Farthing!

Thanks to my fellow Lady of OTR, I am the proud owner of my first bike in about twenty years. Sure, she’s moved on to a serious bike and already knows all kinds of bikey lingo and has lots of awesome bike-related gadgets. But I have deluded myself into believing that soon as I secure one of those indestructible bike locks, she’ll let me go along for the ride and we’ll be feeling the wind in our hair together. Thanks, Vic, for letting me dream.

I’m so excited to see my city. I’m so excited to make the kinds of discoveries you can only make when you’ve happened upon some new mode of transportation and the world opens up again. I’m just. So. Damn. Excited. To. See. What. Else. Is. Out. There…in New York. Oh, and I’m totally into slipping into a bona fide community, a local tribe, getting “doored” and all that cool bike stuff that’s reserved for city cyclists only.

My first ride (after I take my training wheels off) will be the 32-mile Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, which winds around the island and is separated from traffic. What I want is to get Off the Radar right here, right in my own city, without getting on a plane or a train or in an automobile. I’m ready to meet my feet again and get down on the ground. That’s the only real way to see Manhattan. Sometimes I just forget that…for very, very long periods of time.